On the way exporing Mekong Delta, it would be a regret if  you do not try to experience a homestay service to learn more about the daily life such as garden farming, fruit tree growing, fishing etc. in this water region.

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Going on a sampan trip on Mekong river then squeezing into small canals, travellers will get closer to Vietnam’s nature. It would be great if tourist make a stop at local house and spend a night there. Doing a homestay in Mekong Delta is absolutely enjoyable and memorable. You may share joys and maybe hardship with local hosts. 

Homestays and so-called homestays are mushrooming in the region, especially in Can Tho, Ben Tre and Vinh Long. Some were very large, beautifully constructed in Vietnamese traditional style, some just very basic, built on wooden stilts. One of the biggest advantages of homestay travel is that you can explore Mekong Delta in depth and soak in its laid back yet wonderful life. 

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You will walk on gravel track and dirt path, ride a oxen cart or row a sampan to visit villages, catch fish in pond by hand and prepare a typical Mekong Delta meal with grilled elephant ear fish, spring rolls, sour soup and caramelized pork. You will also experience the daily life activities and rhythms in rural Vietnam: children cycle excitedly around, dogs laze in the heat, chickens scratch soil for food and people swing in hammocks while humming a folk song, all will capture your heart and remain in your memory for long.