The floating markets belong to the highlights of the Mekong Delta. These markets are central markets, where people can buy fruits and vegetables from local production. The goods are sold directly from the boats-the owners hang the available products on long poles, so that people can see what’s on offer from far away. Small sampans serve as mobile cafe, where you can buuy soflt drink, an iced coffe or a strong noodle soup for breakfast.

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The Mekong Delta has hundreds of floating markets; all the booths and transportation means are boats and dinghies of various sizes. Although Long Xuyen floating market is not as famous as others in the southern region, tourists will still feel the generosity of southerners. Long Xuyen floating market is one of the most important in the Mekong Delta. It is right front od the impressive market hall of the provincial capital on the mighty Bassac arm of the Mekong River.

Along the banks are different landscapes. On one side are beautiful houses while on the other are paddy fields and houses on stilts. The river becomes more and more bustling, especially at places where small canals flow into the river.

Boats selling the same agro-product items are tied together in groups. People travel among dinghies as crossing adjoining stalls or row houses. Some boats sell fuel and offer mechanical repair services. Sellers often invite tourists to try local fruits and guests will feel their generosity, magnanimity, simplicity, easiness and straightforwardness of the delta dwellers.

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The Tien and the Hau rivers become good mothers opening their arms to children from all regions. Boat owners sell everything and invite guests to buy their wares. After half an hour, the boat arrives at a floating market where dinghies are tied together like a small islet. Boats from many regions carrying various kinds of fruits and vegetables come there and sell agro-products to wholesalers, which will be transported and retailed in urban areas.

Despite busily loading goods, local traders always welcome tourists merrily. Some invite guests getting on big boats to contemplate the great Hau River in a noisy ambience with people and dinghies. Bamboo poles with agro-products hung on them are placed on dinghies to tell guests what they are selling.

After over an hour traveling around the floating market, tourists return to the wharf. The boat waves goodbye to trading dinghies, depots and the nice people in the watery region of Hau Giang.